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I am a recently retired pharmacist who specialized in balancing women's hormones for over 10 years while I owned my own pharmacy. Clients appreciated my broad knowledge of non-drug, natural and standard treatment options. I took the time to thoroughly review hormone-related symptoms, explain available choices and discuss a woman's preferences for treatment. Women told me they appreciated receiving explanations for the symptoms they were experiencing. The detailed summary report I wrote afterward recorded the discussion for the client and was also used to communicate efficiently with her physician.

I have given many presentations to women's groups, other professionals and students to share my knowledge and to explain the work I was doing. I wrote a column for 10 years on various topics for a national pharmacy journal, Pharmacy Practice and Business. I continue to write blogs for the journal's electronic newsletter, and some of my personal blogs are shared on their site. For over 20 years, I have reviewed educational articles for the Canadian Council for Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP), the organization that conducts peer-reviews and approves ongoing education for practicing pharmacists.

Several of my clients suggested I should write a book and, once I fully retired in January 2016, I finally had the time to do it. "Can I Speak to the Hormone Lady? Managing Menopause and Hormone Imbalances", published in February 2019, explains how hormone imbalances cause unpleasant symptoms and describes step-wise approaches that can be used to restore balance and help women feel like themselves again. Its goal is to enable women understand what their symptoms can tell them, and to help them get involved in their choice of treatment. Writing has become a second career for this pharmacist! The book is now available on all major electronic book sites and on Amazon as a paperback. Here is the Universal Link:                 


I started this blog to practice my writing skills and reach out to my future audience... initially writing about women's health issues and hormone imbalances. Over the months, with reader feedback, it has gradually expanded to discuss a wider variety health issues, with an emphasis on disease prevention. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the discussion, and please pass along any ideas you have for future blogs.


What do you really want to know about? Let me know by clicking the "Questions/Comments" button! I look forward to sharing my point of view, the view of a pharmacist with years of specialty pharmacy practice...

Jeannie Collins Beaudin is an award-winning pharmacist whose advanced practice has been featured in 5 national pharmacy journals: DrugStore Canada, Pharmacy Post, Canadian Pharmacists Journal, New Pharmacist and Pharmacy Practice Plus. She was a member of the council for the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists (the regulatory body for the province) for 12 years, and worked on many initiatives in the province from the anti-tobacco movement to increasing health research. She has been a peer reviewer for educational programs for pharmacists for over 20 years.

She has given many presentations to various groups including: provincial and national conferences, women's groups, workplace lunch and learns, student conferences, teachers' continuing education programs, and others.

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